To review the outside spaces of Secret Beach in order to make them more useable, whilst being low maintenance. Consideration to be taken that this is mainly a holiday let for the time being. 


  • Create a more interesting and useable space around the two sides of the house currently lawned, with some hard landscaping outside the windows.
  • Create some screening for the space, without blocking the views, while being low on maintenance.  No trees or shrubs to grow above 10ft, or 2.5m.  Cornish stone walls around the property to remain in situ, but provide planting schemes for them. 
  • Provide a solution for the rear patio and fencing, currently decked and the fence painted grey. 
  • Over all review of the outside spaces. 


Garden design with both hard (paving etc) and soft (planting) landscaping taking into consideration all factors listed above for the property. Currently the out door spaces are not enticing and are not being used to the best of their potential. Make the garden more useable and more attractive to entice you outside.